Declaration of Conformity

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Unified register of issued certificates of conformity and registered declarations of conformity

Certification is a special procedure for confirming the conformity of goods, which is conducted by an independent organization. If the products are successfully tested, then the manufacturer or the seller receives a certificate - a document certifying compliance with the established quality and safety standards. Today there are the following types of certification: voluntary and mandatory.

Voluntary - conducted on the private initiative of manufacturers, retailers, suppliers. The objectives of this type of product certification are: ensuring competitiveness, demand for products, additional advertising. Objects of voluntary certification can be any goods and services that are checked for compliance with the standards of different categories.

Mandatory - designed to confirm only mandatory requirements that are established by law. The purpose of mandatory certification is to ensure the environmental and safety of goods and services. The objects of this type of certification are those goods that are included in the legally approved list, confirmation of compliance for which is a prerequisite for release into free circulation. After the certification is carried out, a certificate or declaration of conformity is issued that is valid throughout the territory of Kazakhstan

Declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union (CU Declaration) - a single form document certifying the conformity of products with the established requirements of the CU TR, adopted by the manufacturer / performer (under his responsibility). It is one of the types of mandatory conformity assessment for the importation, sale and use of products on the territory of the three CU member countries (Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus).

The TS Declaration of Conformity does not require re-registration in the form of a national document, is sufficient proof of product compliance with the requirements of TS CU for import, clearance and sale of products specified in the declaration, unless otherwise specified in the Technical Regulations for this product and it is not covered by national legislation in the field of industrial and fire safety of the country.

Declaration of Conformity of the Republic of Kazakhstan (DS RK) - a document of established form, certifying the compliance of products with the requirements of the National Legislation, adopted by the manufacturer / performer (under his own responsibility).

The declaration of conformity, drawn up and registered in the manner prescribed by the rules of the state system of technical regulation in the field of conformity assessment, has legal force throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, along with the certificate of conformity.