Phytosanitary Certificate for Export of Products

A phytosanitary certificate is an international document issued by the quarantine and / or plant protection authorities of exporting countries certifying the phytosanitary condition of the goods, which must be attached to the transport documents accompanying the goods. Export of goods from the Republic of Kazakhstan is accompanied by phytosanitary certificates in the form prescribed by the FAO International Convention, certified by the original stamp of a triangular stamp and the signature of the state plant quarantine inspector. Phytosanitary certificates are issued by the State Plant Quarantine Inspectorate based on a phytosanitary examination of timber in the area of harvesting and shipment of timber or as a result of quarantine inspection of timber before shipment.

Fresh-frozen fruits, vegetables, berries, as well as pickles, various canned foods of plant origin and vegetable oil of all types are not subject to quarantine control of the State Government. The importation of the above listed goods is permitted with mandatory primary (at border crossing points) and secondary (at destination) quarantine phytosanitary control in the presence of: phytosanitary control and import quarantine permission.

Issue of a phytosanitary certificate for the export of quarantine products outside the Republic of Kazakhstan

State body - Territorial inspections of the State Inspection Committee in the agro-industrial complex of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Recipients of services - Physical and legal persons.

The term of the service - from the date of delivery of the package of documents - within 5 (five) working days. The service provider within two working days from the moment of receiving the documents of the service recipient checks the completeness of the submitted documents. If the fact of incompleteness of the submitted documents is established, the service provider will give a reasoned refusal in further consideration of the application within the specified time.

The cost of the service is free.

The list of documents - the application, the document proving the identity, and the document certifying the authority to represent the service recipient (required for personal identification).

The result of the provision of the state service is a phytosanitary certificate for the export of quarantine products from the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan or a motivated refusal on the grounds specified in clause 10 of the standard.

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